Seasonal advice and information

Here comes the sun

The summer months and the warmer weather give us all the chance to get out into the open air and be more active, but there are health risks of which we all need to be aware.

  • Protecting skin and eyes from damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays is vital - there is a real risk of developing skin cancer, especially if exposed to harmful rays in childhood.
  • Hay fever and allergies can cause misery to those affected, but there are actions you can take and remedies to use that can help.
  • When the temperature rises towards the 30 degrees C mark - a heatwave - we know that the very young, the elderly and the seriously ill are at risk.
  • Keeping safe on holiday, being aware of the dangers posed by barbecues, and coping with insect bites can also be of concern

The NHS Choices website has a lots of useful advice on summer health at home - have a browse here

This is the Suffolk year of walking - there are many themed walks of varying distances taking place all over the county. It's a great way to soak up vitamin D, take healthy exercise whatever age you are, and meet new people. Read all about it here

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