How exercise and activities can help

It is important to keep fit and active. It can increase your leg strength, improve your bone density and generally improve your wellbeing.

Guidance suggests that people aged over 65 should aim to be active daily and that over each week should aim to do two and a half hours of moderate intensity exercise and activity designed to improve muscle strength and balance.

What does this mean?

Can I do this?

Yes – by breaking it down into practical chunks!

Two and a half hours of moderate intensity exercise per week can be broken down into 30 mins on at least five days a week. Walking, dancing, line-dancing, gardening, even the simple ‘sit to stand’ are all excellent forms of exercise that will help to increase bone strength as well. Adding in exercises that improve lower body strength and balance (T'ai Chi, yoga) will help prevent falling.

If you have already experienced a fall or are afraid of falling then an exercise programme that is clinically proven to reduce falls by 37% in older people is called OTAGO. It consists of 21 exercises which focus on building strength in the legs and improving standing balance.Improving strength and balance is the most cost effective way of reducing falls and injuries in older people. And it can be fun!

Falls Prevention Exercise Classes in Suffolk: - type in your postcode to find the class nearest to you

You could also try One Life Suffolk

Stepping Out Health Walks - visit the website

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